Florida Lawyers for Corporate and Partnership Disputes

Especially when difficult economic conditions undermine the profitability of a closely held business or investment group, disputes can develop between factions or individual principals within any corporation, partnership or limited liability company (LLC) with two or more shareholders or members. The substance of these disputes can highly varied in terms of the nature of the claims, the source of the pressures driving the disagreements, and the intensity of the personal animus between shareholders and partners.

At Grumer & Macaluso, P.A., our corporate litigation attorneys are skilled not only with the investigation and presentation of strong negotiating or trial positions on behalf of our clients. We also know how to develop and execute effective dispute resolution strategies that meet the demands of the immediate legal problem while protecting long-range interests and ongoing relationships.

Litigation Counsel for Disputes Within Closely Held Businesses

Our litigation practice on behalf of closely held companies and individual principals can meet the challenges of any problem that arises between initial formation and eventual sale or dissolution. These include contract claims, fraud claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims, employment law claims, debtor-creditor claims and violations of Florida law relating to the operation and governance of corporations, partnerships or LLCs. In many cases, several of these causes of action will be raised in the same dispute.

Fort Lauderdale Litigation Attorneys for Closely Held Businesses

Examples of the kinds of cases our lawyers handle in corporate or partnership litigation include:

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