Florida Condominium Association Director Liability Lawyers

When condo homeowners association (HOA) directors face accusations of ignoring their obligations related to fiduciary duties, we provide dedication and resourcefulness in our advocacy. Whether we are representing a director or a party pursuing action against a condo association, we get to the facts and attend to every detail of these complex cases.

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Condominium Association Director Liability for Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Condo directors are unpaid volunteers working for a not-for-profit corporation. Yet, they still have a fiduciary relationship with the unit owners. Accusations involving abuse of power for personal gain or not acting in good faith must be met with immediate and aggressive responses.

Short of criminal actions, corporate decisions made by a director or directors may not represent a breach of fiduciary duty. In those cases, we protect the rights of condo associations and assert the directors' immunity from responsibility.

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