Florida Right to Indemnification for Condo Board Directors

Condominium and homeowners associations (HOA) need a straightforward and resourceful approach in handling lawsuits. They understand what is at stake when indemnity insurance coverage falls short and claims are filed against them. Our job is to respond to the legal action with a fact-based approach and focus on the best outcome. In many cases, the ideal resolution is found through litigation.

At Grumer & Macaluso, P.A., we protect the indemnity rights of condo and homeowner associations.

We are lawyers' lawyers. Our client list includes national financial institutions, large commercial real estate concerns, international business consortiums, and all other types of businesses and individuals engaged in business-related or probate-based litigation.

Protecting the Rights of Condo and Homeowners Associations

Legal claims that are filed against directors of condominiums or homeowners associations require immediate attention from an experienced attorney. Accidents could be caused by a company contracted by the condo or HOA to do landscaping or other types of maintenance. While insurance exists to indemnify them from lawsuits alleging negligent conduct, a contractor's policy may not be able to hold them harmless from liability.

Another party lacking funds or proper insurance coverage requires a condo association or HOA to seek help from a law office with attorneys possessing not only experience, but also the trust and respect of peer firms that send cases our way. We pursue claims that require full coverage or partial compensation — including attorney fees — when a contractor falls short in covering all the damages for an accident they caused.

Donald Wendt, et al, v. La Costa Beach Resort Condominium Association, Inc., No. SC09-1914, June 9, 2011: A ruling overturning the decision of the Fourth District Court in Turkey Creek on the issue of conflict. "For the reasons addressed above, we hold that section 607.0850 authorizes corporate directors to seek indemnification from the corporation for actions brought against the directors by the corporation itself."

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