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Stepping In When Corporate Litigation Needs A Strong Hand

Corporate governance issues are costly and time-consuming, often leading to both parties becoming deeply entrenched in their positions. The result can be a negotiation gridlock that requires diligent and tactful advocacy.

Welcome to GrumerLaw, P.A. Here, you work with attorney Keith Grumer, who is known for his ability to step into complex situations, find the source of conflict and determine effective resolutions. For skilled representation and respectful legal service, reach the office in Weston at 954-303-3000.

Experienced Representation In Matters Of Corporate Governance

Corporate governance issues often involve very nuanced and technical issues relating to both contractual obligations, an organization’s founding documents and the organization’s financial records. The firm’s work includes:

  • Disputes over foundational corporate documents, including shareholder agreements,  bylaws, and membership operating agreements;
  • Concerns over conflicts of interest and other oversight issues
  • Issues involving misappropriation, self-dealing or transacting business with affiliated entities or other financial slight of hand maneuvering within the organization.

Keith Grumer applies a meticulous and methodical legal approach in addition to respectful and personable service, often working with other high-demand professionals to fully realize your goals. He is a tenacious advocate who puts his clients’ interests first and who understands Florida’s unique legal context and culture.

Begin With The End In Mind

In all litigation, identification of the desired results is the crucial first step to designing a path to conclusion of the dispute. Mr. Grumer seeks the client’s ultimate goal while developing the case from beginning to end. Identification of expert witnesses, such as forensic accountants, and their guidance, often directs the path of the case.

Contact GrumerLaw, P.A., For The Guidance You Need

The first step in resolving your dispute is requesting a comprehensive case review, wherein attorney Grumer will analyze the specifics of your case and craft a strategy that fits your specific goals and needs. To request an appointment, contact the firm today online or by phone.