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A Resource For Businesses With Hospitality Industry Legal Concerns

Hotels are a vital part of Florida’s tourism sector, but the operation and management of hotels is layered and complex. A seemingly straight-forward legal issue can quickly involve multiple parties, pose complex liability questions and result in thousands or even millions of dollars in expense. While the best course of action is almost always to stop problems before they happen, you should also know where to go when a legal issue needs a professional.

At GrumerLaw, P.A., attorney Keith Grumer has nearly 40 years of experience working with Florida companies to resolve complex hotel-related matters. From issues involving franchise rights, contract and corporate governance disputes to problems with construction and real property, he can offer you a comprehensive view of your matter and a solution that lasts. Speak with attorney Grumer at 954-303-3000.

Bringing Clarity And Fortitude To Every Case

The starting point for every case is to understand what is really in question. This begins with understanding all issues, including what parties have a stake in the matter, which expenses matter, who is liable and more. From there, you can have a stronger position during negotiations. When you cannot resolve a dispute outside of court, you also need to prepare to work with someone who can make your case clearly and concisely before the court.

This is especially true for hotel matters. Multiple contracted companies, hotel visitors on business-related trips, complex local ordinances and other issues quickly escalate.

Tenacity Counts

Complex legal battles are a multi-chapter book and winning the battle may just be the first volume. It takes tenacity not to let the day-to-day grind of litigation distract from the ultimate goal of success, be it asserting minority shareholder/member rights to disassociating troublesome partner. Tenacity is required to see the daily skirmishes through to completion of the ultimate business goals.

Take Control Your Story

Your legal resolution depends on your ability to understand the law and your role in the issue. Get experienced help from an attorney who other attorneys depend upon. Contact GrumerLaw, P.A., for an appointment.