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Resolving Issues Surrounding Real Property Transactions, Management, and Title Disputes

Florida real estate and other property investments are dynamic and hotly contested. Simply put, there is a lot of money at stake, and the results of a misstep can be devastating to a business or investor. In the worst cases, business endeavors stop midway through a project, halting any progress for months or years and costing millions in losses. Do not risk this outcome.

At GrumerLaw, P.A., you work directly with attorney Keith Grumer, a pillar of litigation and real property law in Florida. Often brought in by other attorneys when cases get out of hand, Mr. Grumer is known for resolving issues efficiently and with the nuance and tenacity that ensures fair treatment. Speak with him by scheduling an appointment today at 954-303-3000.

A Wide Range Of Experience In Real Property Disputes

Over the course of his nearly 40-year-long career, Mr. Grumer has gained insight and specific knowledge benefitting his corporate and individual clients concerning:

  • Land purchase and sale disputes, including commercial sales for the purposes of development;
  • Boundary and related title issues;
  • Complex commercial foreclosure and lien litigation; and
  • Mismanagement of complex commercial investment properties.

Attorney Grumer often steps in when complex cases involve multiple parties, complex documentation or other extenuating circumstances. He is acutely familiar with Florida’s tourism industry and the hotel industry and other service issues that facilitate it.

Do You Need Extra Legal Help?

You can reach the office in Weston at 954-303-3000. The firm services the full South Florida region in issues of corporate and real property issues. You can also schedule your appointment online.